The bending of aluminum sheet with different thickness

Many customers often ask questions about aluminum bending when they buy aluminum plate sheets, such as how many knives to use when bending 3mm aluminum sheet? What is the bending coefficient of 5mm thick aluminum sheets? Why do aluminum sheets crack when bending?

In fact, the bending coefficient of aluminum plate is regular, generally 0.8 times the thickness of aluminum plate, such as 3 mm aluminum plate bending coefficient is 2.4, 5 mm aluminum plate bending coefficient is 4.

The reason why the aluminum plate sheet is cracked at 180 degrees is:

1, the bending edge is parallel to the rolling direction of the aluminum plate, so it is easy to crack and turn the bending direction to 90 degrees.

2, 180 degree bending angle is too much, greater than the small bending radius, the general bending radius is 1.5 times of the thickness of the plate.

3, the reason for the material is that some aluminum plates are alloys, and toughness is not good and pure aluminum and aluminum plates are easy to crack.

4, the thickness of the plate aluminum is too thick, bending 180 degrees beyond the bending limit of the material.