Standards for Quality Aluminium Checker Plate Sheet Suppliers

  Aluminium checker plate sheet pieces are used in large quantities due to their extensive application scope. Various patterns, such as large five bar, three bar, diamond and so on, are used in checker plate aluminium for workshop flooring, building decoration, home appliances, truck carriages, shipbuilding etc. Prosperity of the market has stimulated the emergence of a large number of suppliers who supply aluminium checker plates of varied technique and uneven quality. What are standards of top quality suppliers, anyway?

  Standard 1. Top Product Quality

  The thickness, strength, and thickness of the oxide film selected for the high-quality aluminum tread plate should meet the national standards. You can refer to the national standard for aluminum and aluminum alloy pattern plates (GB / T 3618-2006), which is suitable for aluminum and aluminum alloy pattern plates. Uniform standards. If it does not meet the standard, it is a low-quality aluminum plate.

  Standard 2. Good Surface State

  Good checker plate aluminium sheet products have different surface states from poor quality sheets due to varied raw material quality. We can see from the surface that high-quality aluminium checquered plates have a smooth bright surface and clear and neat patterns. The surface is free of oil stains, scratches or other defects. Poor quality aluminium tread plates, on the other hand, are mostly made of waste aluminum. They are featured by dull surfaces, vague uneven patterns and poor performances.

  Standard 3. Reasonable Price

  There are two types of checker plate aluminium sheet pieces based on material differences: pure aluminium plates and alloy aluminium plates. The prices of these two types of plates are also different. The latter is more expensive. The price of the same high-quality patterned aluminum plate is also different due to different production and processing. The price of normal high-quality patterned aluminum plate is about 20% -30% higher than that of inferior patterned aluminum plate. In purchasing products, we should beware of quality of aluminium checker plates sheets whose price is significantly lower than the normal price.

  Standard 4. Excellent Pre and After Sales Service

  Even top quality checker plate aluminium might get damaged or oxidized after going through steps of packing, loading, transportation, storage and unpacking. However, outstanding service help to avoid such problems. Even if such problems occur, high-quality manufacturers or suppliers will provide corresponding return and exchange services to cover your losses.