Storage and maintenance of 6061 aluminium alloy plate

The performance of 6061 aluminium alloy plate is often applied to the thin aluminum sheet, car body and so on. For the 6061 aluminum alloy plate, it is very necessary to do good maintenance. The main elements 6061 aluminium alloy sheet plate composed of aluminum, silicon, iron, copper, magnesium, etc..

Aluminum plates in the handling process, must be handled with care, to prevent the collision caused by surface bumps, affect the surface appearance; aluminum alloys in the transport process, must be covered by tarpaulin, to prevent the invasion of the rain and snow.

Aluminum sheets in storage, you can put in the small size aluminum shelves,it is the best way to store large size aluminum plate in the bottom separated with skids with the ground, and keep the ground distance is greater than 10CM; large size materials stacked together, you’d better material with wooden boards and other materials are separated.