6061 vs 7075 Aluminum

If you want to use aluminum alloys for structural applications, it is important to find out the difference 6061 vs 7075 aluminum. While 7075 aluminum is stronger and more resistant to fatigue, 6061 aluminum is more ductile. This makes it a better choice for projects that require the perfect shape and edges. And 6061 aluminum is less susceptible to corrosion than 7075 aluminum. The difference of alu 6061 vs 7075 is small, but if you want a solid aluminum profile, the 7075 aluminum is the better choice.

The main difference between of 6061 vs 7075 aluminum is performance. While aluminum 7075 is generally softer and has better strength, aluminum 6061 retains moderate hardness and machinability. Both aluminum alloys can be welded and joined with adhesives or welding, making them ideal for structural applications. However, aluminum 7075 has a higher tendency to crack. So, which is better?

6061 vs 7075 aluminum

Another difference of 6061 vs 7075 aluminum is their thermal conductivity. Both aluminum alloys have similar thermal conductivity values, but 7075aluminum is slightly better at absorbing heat. They are also slightly stronger than the 6061 aluminum, making them a great choice for heat exchangers. However, the 7075 aluminum is still better for other applications. You should compare the yield strength of aluminum 6061 and 7075 to determine which is better.

7075 aluminum uses zinc as the main alloy, 6061 aluminum uses magnesium and silicon as the main alloy; 7075 alloy makes aluminum bending and deformation stronger than 6061 alloy; 7075 aluminum is expensive, 6061 aluminum is economical; 7075 aluminum alloy contains a higher proportion of other metals, and 6061 aluminum alloy contains other metals. lower. The differences are as follows:

1, Different ingredients

The 7000 series aluminum alloy uses zinc as the main alloy with a composition ratio of 6%. The 6000 series aluminum alloy uses magnesium and silicon as the main alloys, and the total composition ratio is relatively low.

2, Different strengths

7075 aluminum is stronger than steel, but only slightly stronger. 7075 bends and deforms aluminum a little stronger than 6061.

3, The price is different

7075 aluminum is the lightest and strongest aluminum material, and it is also very expensive. 6061 aluminum is the most common aluminum material, light, strong and economical.

4, Different practicability

7075 aluminum (the last two numbers represent the proportion of alloys) contains a higher proportion of other metals, so it is generally not used as a frame material. Due to the low proportion of other metals in 6061 aluminum, it can increase strength and reduce wind resistance through special-shaped and various treatments, and even 3 times of pumping can be used to reduce weight. Overall, 6061 aluminum is a better material.