Large aluminum plate

The so-called large aluminum plate usually refers to an aluminum plate with a width of 1 meter 6 or more. Because the production process is more complicated and the number of people used is not large, it is generally suitable for the use of the whole aluminum plate, and there is no way to effectively cut it. Therefore, this time is a good place to reflect the advantages of ultra large aluminum plates. Of course, this is also the reason why ultra large aluminum plates are not widely used and occupied in the market.
large aluminum plate

How much is the ultra large aluminum plate? The price of large aluminium plates is different according to the width, thickness, and alloy composition, especially for the 5 series of hot-rolled ultra-wide aluminum plates, the price is higher, but for ordinary alloy aluminum plates such as the 1000 series and the 3000 series. The use is relatively abundant. Because the application of ultra large aluminum plate of 1000 series and 3000 series aluminum alloys is mainly used for curtain wall aluminum panels and decorative aluminum panels, the price, labor cost and application volume are also relatively large in the entire market.

There are applications for large aluminum plate. The main application markets are ship hulls, building decoration, aluminum veneers for exterior walls, equipment shells, etc., which account for a relatively large proportion, and because the ultra big aluminum plate can reinforce the overall use advantage in the width. Therefore, the ultra wide aluminum plate can be shining and full of gain in such applications. Because, without welding and other processing, the large aluminium plate of the entire board can exert some of the excellent properties of the aluminum plate in the process of use, such as toughness, integrity, tightness, etc.


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